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Download Drivers & Recovery Disks. USB\VID_0BDA USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8176 Realtek® RTL8188CUS WLAN
Updated 16th June 2015


USB\VID_0BDA USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8176 Realtek® RTL8188CUS WLAN Drivers

Device Driver Manufacturer : USB\VID_0BDA (Realtek®)

Device ID : USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8176 (RTL8188CUS WLAN)

USB\VID Contents List
Realtek® Network Device ID Numbers.
Realtek® USB\VID_0BDA
Accel RTL8188CUS WLAN Network
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Device ID : RTL8188CUS WLAN (USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8176)

Realtek® Network Drivers

The Realtek® rtl8188cus wlan USB\VID Code consists of a few parts that is relative to the hardware. The "USB\VID _" is the first part of the number that relates to the manufacturer, Realtek® has the USB\VID code of USB\VID_0BDA. The individual part identification code for this device is the "&PID_" number, in this case it is USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8176 which is a RTL8188CUS WLAN device. If the network device is not working or seems very slow then it is likely that the driver is not installed correctly, old or broken. Designed specifically to be used with the Realtek® RTL8188CUS WLAN device, the list of free downloads below is the most up-to-date drivers that we hold on record for the Realtek® RTL8188CUS WLAN device.

Device Driver Downloads For The Realtek® Network Hardware USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8176

Windows® EditionDescriptionFree Download
Windows 7Windows 8Download Realtek® RTL8188CUS WLAN Network Device Drivers
Free Realtek® RTL8188CUS WLAN  Drivers Download

Model NumberRevisionUSB\VID ID
Acer Aspire 5333
Acer Aspire 5333
Acer Aspire 5333 Realtek® Network Drivers
Hardware Revision USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8176\00E04C000001